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Why do we need another password generator?

Easy as that!
MPC instantly generates secure* passwords specifically designed for easy typing on mobile devices (i.e. iPhone keyboard). It does that by rearranging the password with uppercase chars first, lowercase next, and then digits and symbols. It also generates alphanumeric, and hexadecimal alternatives.

MPC also helps with reducing error and typos by excluding characters which may appear similar, or even identical on some fonts (such as I, 1 and l). All passwords are generated locally on your browser, and we never send, collect or keep your passwords or any other personal information. We strongly believe in Privacy and try to offer a safer experience with no tracking (this website does not contain any embedded Google/Facebook/Trollface code).

Are the passwords secure or not (what's with the *)?

We use the Crypto.getRandomValues() method to generate cryptographically strong random values (you will be notified if your browser doesn't support this). The PRNG used differs from one local implementation to the other but is suitable for cryptographic usages. To guarantee enough performance, implementations are not using a truly random number generator, but a pseudo-random number generator seeded with a value with enough entropy (like a system-level entropy source).

Please also note that the fact that MPC passwords are rearranged and that some characters are intentionally excluded makes for potentially less secure passwords (but probably still good enough for any fair use).